Bolsover Castle

Bolsover Castle – The Medieval Castle

The design of the Little Castle drew inspiration from the earlier medieval fortress that stood on the site.

There was a castle at Bolsover from the late 11th century, owned by the Pereril family of Castleton in Derbyshire. After the 12th century the castle was in royal hands, and had a set of royal chambers and a chapel, as well as barns and kitchens. Without an later military use it was leased out, and by the 16th century it had fallen into ruins.

Vigorous work began on the Little castle in 1613, soon after Charles Cavendish bought the site. Labourers, including women and boys, were paid for ‘taking down old walls’ and bringing stone from nearby quarries.

The basement of the Little Castle was finished around 1617. Nothing remains of the medieval castle, although the garden wall follows part of the old inner bailey wall.

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Photographs by Barrie Webb

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