Douglas Dakota “Drag ‘em Oot” D Day 75 commemorations at Solent Airport Daedalus

D Day 75 Daedalus Commemorations

D Day 75 Daedalus – Event to commemorate 75 years since the D-D landings in Normandy on the 6th June 1944.

Many missions were flown over Normandy in support of Operation Overlord from the Daedalus airfield.

The airfield continued to be a Royal Navy establishment until it was de-commissioned in 1996.

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On 1 April 2015 the airfield owners, Fareham Borough Council, appointed Regional and City Airports Management on a 5-year contract to manage the airfield. New entrances have been constructed to eliminate the need for runway crossings by vehicles and redevelopment is underway. CEMAST (Centre of Excellence in Engineering, Manufacturing and Advanced Skills Training), part of Fareham College is completed on previously undeveloped land in the south east corner of the airfield. Wartime Hangar A has been demolished to make way for a new Innovation Centre of business starter units to the south of the South Apron on the east side. Temporary hangars are to be placed on the sites of Bellman Hangars 2 and 3, which were destroyed in a wartime air raid to accommodate aircraft which are having to be moved from Hangars East while redevelopment takes place. The old MARTSU building is to be demolished and replaced by a factory. The new development at Hangars East includes new roads and infrastructure and hangars for aviation use with runway access.

In September 2017 it was announced that Solent Airport (Daedalus) is to open up scheduled flights, with destinations possibly including Alderney, Cardiff, Swansea and Exeter. The Daily Echo reports that there may also be a small passenger terminal to accommodate the up to 20 seater planes. Source Wikipedia

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Photographs by Barrie Webb

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